Not stuffed

The last three weeks have seen many ups and downs!  The struggle with the “relationship” I had with food is much harder than the actual food.  I am not even sure that makes sense but I am dealing with a loss of sorts, the loss of my comfort of eating food or knowing I always…… Continue reading Not stuffed

Amazing things ahead

I see it has been a month or so since I published anything here, when I go back and forth with my thoughts on how or what I should eat I tend to keep to myself.  I really want to open up about the honest feelings you have when you take this road to being…… Continue reading Amazing things ahead

I am an overcomer…

That is how I feel today, strong and in control of my nutrition.  I am so glad I was able to get through that mind-set that I had going on last night.  While I did cram a pop tart in my mouth 😦 at least it wasn’t meat.  I woke up late this morning so…… Continue reading I am an overcomer…

Should I?

The struggle in my mind this evening has been tough, really tough!  I am currently on day 1 of transitioning over to plant-based eating, the longest I made this before was about 2 months and then I just gave in to it all.  The struggle of being the only one in my home that wants…… Continue reading Should I?