I am an overcomer…

That is how I feel today, strong and in control of my nutrition.  I am so glad I was able to get through that mind-set that I had going on last night.  While I did cram a pop tart in my mouth 😦 at least it wasn’t meat.  I woke up late this morning so I didn’t have time to eat breakfast before my boot camp class, not the best idea but I made it through 60 minutes of class and I felt so strong.  During class as I was sweating my arse off and my muscles were screaming, I thought about giving up, my mind kept telling me to just go back to what you know, it will be easier. I have been cooking for at least the last 25 years and it’s hard to let go of everything I know.  I feel like I have to relearn it all and sometimes I get angry and bitter about it even though this is all MY choice!

By the end of class though, I was surprised at how GREAT I felt and I was actually craving the food I had at home.  I do plan on being completely honest with you all so with that being said, my daughter and I stopped at Runza to get her a salad 🙂 and we also got some fries and I did eat a few on the way home to curb that hunger as well as a diet soda.  I am slowly giving up my diet soda habit, I used to drink at least a 12 pack a day so I chose to not go cold turkey.  I have gone cold turkey in the past but I also bit a few to many heads off in doing that so we are playing it safe this time.

My food was on point today but nothing extravagant.  Lunch was another mexi bowl (the pic above) with all the food I prepped on Sunday and supper was roasted sweet & yukon gold potatoes with mixed veggies alongside two veggie chicken patties with hummus and ketchup.  Day 2 is in the books and here’s to feeling great on day 3.

Plant powered,



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