Amazing things ahead

I see it has been a month or so since I published anything here, when I go back and forth with my thoughts on how or what I should eat I tend to keep to myself.  I really want to open up about the honest feelings you have when you take this road to being vegan or plant-based.  I like to think I am on the road to whole plant based food so I am in the middle somewhere now between vegan and 100% plant based.  I say in the middle because I still have a few soda’s everyday, some creamer in my coffee and fake meat crumbles.  :0  Those are the last few things I have to kick and I am really struggling with the soda.  I normally drink about a 12 pack a day of diet soda.  😦  The struggle is very real.  I am down to maybe 3 or 4.

I know it hasn’t been a full month of eating this way because I remember having hot dogs on July 4th and thinking eat them up today, it’s your last time!  I never ate hot dogs that often to begin with but for some reason when I do think about eating meat at this point I would pick a HOT DOG!!  What is wrong with me?  I am almost thinking it is a flavor thing?!?!  I did find a recipe for a “carrot dog” that is supposed to be pretty similar to a hot dog, I am going to have to try it.

I am the only one in my family eating this way, so I still do deal with meat and some dairy daily.  The dairy part wasn’t that hard for me, yes I gave up cheese but I really only ate cheese if it was on a hamburger or in dip.  I haven’t drank milk for years so I only really had that in baked goods or desserts.  The meat really wasn’t to bad, I had been going back and forth on the meat for some time so I really only ate pork and chicken but for the last year or so I really didn’t eat a lot of chicken.  I couldn’t stop thinking about how they look and are crammed into the cages on the trucks that haul them for slaughter.  We normally only see bull wagons full of cows or pigs but every so often a chicken truck will pass thru town and it breaks my heart.

I can’t say that I will NEVER eat meat again because I don’t know what the future holds but I can say that I have no intention of changing back at this point in my health transition.

Nothing about this is easy but neither is being sick and dead!  By the way, I will never in any way throw you under the bus for eating meat and dairy.  I ate it for 39 years and that is your choice just as it is my choice to not.  I will respect your decision and please respect mine, if you have questions please ask, I LOVE to talk about the health benefits but I will not approach you to change your thoughts or your life unless you ask for my opinion or thoughts.  🙂

I really plan to pour my heart out here and help anyone I can with this transition.  Like I said before, it is not easy.  Your heart and mind need to be on the same page and in the beginning mine were not.  It was easier to go back to what I knew and just suck it up and eat animal products but my heart was so sad I just couldn’t do it anymore.  I wanted to just be my old self and go back to my old ways and try to put all the thoughts out of my mind.  It didn’t work!  I had to figure out a way to align my emotions with my heart and how I truly felt.  I feel pretty darn amazing and that is what I am going to lead with.  I know it is only going to get better from here, I have never felt this good inside and whether that is from the change in my diet or the change in my emotions?  I like to think it is both.

Together we can be the change,

xoxo Amy




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